Despre eveniment

Clubul Regal al Medicilor va invita la seminarul virtual  “Ocular Oncology Conference ” ce va avea loc online, sambata, 27 martie 2021, ora 10.00.

Conferința va fi susținută în limba engleza.

Termen limita de inscriere: 22 martie 2021

Numarul de locuri este limitat.


The Royal Club of Physicians invites you to the virtual Ocular Oncology Conference, Saturday, March 27 2021, 10.00 am.

Registration deadline: March 22, 2021

The Conference will have a limited number of places.

For further information please email us:

Coordonator stiintific/Scientific coordinator

dr. Catalina DUMITRESCU


Prof. dr. Ahmet Kaan Gündüz (Turkey)

Dr. Gabriela Murgoi (Romania)

Prof. dr. Shahar Frenkel (Israel)

Dr. Ioana Gobej (Romania)

Dr. Ionut Gobej (Romania)

Asist. univ. dr. Sinziana Istrate (Romania)

Roberto Castro Seco (Spain)

Ferran Mascaro Zamora (Spain)

Prof. dr. Raffaele Parrozzani (Italy)

Dr. Andreea Ciubotaru (Romania)

Dr. Abed Aqel (Romania)

Prof. dr. Gehad Elnahri (Egypt)

Asist. univ. dr. Emil Ungureanu (Romania)

Prof. Dr. Murat Tunc (Turkey)

Dr. Constantin Grigoras (Romania)

Prof. dr. Sotiria Palioura (USA)

Prof. dr. Dan Georgescu (USA)

Prof. dr. David Pelayes (Argentina)

Prof. dr. Mihnea Munteanu  (Romania)

Prof. dr. Luis Fernando Teixeira (Brazil)

Dr. Vera Yarovaya (Rusia)

Dr. Catalina Dumitrescu (Romania)


10.00-12.00 Bucharest (Romania), 

10.00-12.00 Tel Aviv (Israel)

11.00-13.00 Ankara (Turkey)


Retina tumours- modern diagnosis and treatments- prof. dr. Ahmet Kaan Gündüz (Turkey)- 30 minutes


Ocular Oncology – clinical cases-dr. Gabriela Murgoi (Romania)- 20 minutes


Novel treatments in ocular oncology-prof. dr. Sahar Frenkel -(Israel)- 15 minutes

* Oncology in neuro-ophthalmology – clinical case-dr. Ioana Gobej; dr. Ionut Gobej (Romania)-7 minutes.


Ocular effects of the biological oncology treatments- prof. dr. Shahar Frenkel (Israel)-15 minutes

* Clinical case of onco-ophthalmology- as. univ. dr. Sinziana Istrate (Romania)-7 minutes.


Vitreoretinal lymphoma-prof. dr. Shahar Frenkel (Israel) 15 minutes

12.30-14.30 Bucharest (Romania)

12.30-14.30 Cairo (Egypt)

11.30-12.30 Padova (Italy)

11.30-14.30 Barcelona (Spain)

13.30-15.30 Ankara (Turkey)


Malignant tumours of the eye lids- dr. Roberto Castro Seco; dr. Ferran Mascaro Zamora (Spain)- 20 minutes


Conjunctival tumors treatment – „surgery and beyond” –prof. dr. Raffaele Parrozzani (Italy) 15 minutes

* Onco-ophthalmology – clinical case-dr. Andreea Ciubotaru (Romania)-7 minutes.


Glioma of the optic pathway-prof. dr. Gehad Elnahri (Egypt)-20 minutes.

* Onco-ophthalmology – clinical case-as. univ. dr. Emil Ungureanu (Romania)-7 minutes.


Retina side effects of ocular irradiation: a critical approach-prof. dr. Raffaele Parrozzani (Italy)-10 minutes.


Cyberknife Stereotactic Radiotherapy in Uveal Melanoma-Prof. Dr. Murat Tunc (Turkey)- 15 minutes

* Onco-ophthalmology cases- dr. Constantin Grigoras (Romania)-7 min

Prognostic FNAB of uveal melanoma: our approaches,  techniques  and results – dr.Vera Yarovaya (Rusia) 10 minutes

15.00-17.00 Bucharest, Timisoara (Romania)



Malign conjunctival tumors-prof. dr. Sotiria Palioura (USA)-20 minutes


Tumors of the orbit-prof. dr. Dan Georgescu (USA)-20 minutes



Management of choroidal melanoma- prof. dr. David Pelayes (Argentina)-30 minutes

* Onco-ophthalmology – clinical case-prof. dr. Mihnea Munteanu (Romania)-7 minutes


Retinoblastoma review-prof. dr. Luis Fernando Teixeira (Brasil)- 20 minutes

* one minute case with dr. Catalina Dumitrescu (Romania) and dr. Abed Aqel (Romania)

Inscrie-te / Registration


Registration for Ocular Oncology Conference is now open! The conference will be held virtually on 27th March 2021 and provides ophthalmologists from all grades the opportunity to network with colleagues from their specialty, hear the latest updates in clinical practice and training issues and find out what the future holds for ocular oncology area.

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