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Clubul Regal al Medicilor va invita la sesiunile cu tema “Actualitati in oftalmologiece vor avea loc online, sambata, 17 octombrie 2020.

Moderatori:  Alexandra Miere, Ioana Gobej,  Lukan Mishev, Adrian Gavanescu, Bianca Laslau, Gustavo Huning

Termen limita de inscriere: 15 octombrie 2020

Numarul de locuri este limitat.

The multidisciplinary congress is a global forum for specialists involved in the exchange of ideas, challenges, innovation and training in health. It is a meeting between specialists who share the same values, between Romanian and foreign speakers, from the following specialties: obstetrics-gynecology, general surgery, imaging, laboratory medicine, gastroenterology, ophthalmology, infectious diseases, dermatology, etc.

The multidisciplinary congress „Together we build excellence” takes place ONLINE between October 13-17, 2020.

The event is being credited.


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Registration for the Congress sessions is done by accessing the links below:

Breast Clinic- October 13-
News in obstetrics-gynecology – October 14 –
Dermatology news – October 15 –
Up-to-date in COVID-19 – October 15 –
Multidisciplinary approaches in colorectal cancer – October 16 –
News in ophthalmology – October 17 –

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Please note that in order to obtain EMC credits, you need to attend all virtual congressional seminars. You will need to register for each seminar. The link received in the confirmation email is customized for each event. So you will receive 6 confirmation emails with 6 different links.

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In order to obtain the participation certificate, it is necessary to attend ALL the live sessions of the Congress, respectively to complete the evaluation form that will be available at the end of the event.

The participation certificate can be downloaded, by using the barcode that you will receive in the email after participating in the event. You will enter „Name” and „barcode digits” on the link received in the email.

The certificate of participation WILL NOT BE ISSUED to those who registered for the event but did not participate live in ALL sessions of the Congress.

Deadline: October 9, 2020, 1:00 p.m.

For additional information send an email to:

Coordonator stiintific

dr. Catalina Dumitrescu

dr. Adrian Gavanescu


Dr. Catalina Dumitrescu

Dr. Alexandra Miere

Dr. Ianita Tzancova

Dr. Mihaela Bustuchina Vlaicu

Dr. Sinziana Istrate

Dr. Ionut Gobej

Dr. Ozana Moraru

Dr. Andreea Ciubotaru

Dr. Emil Ungureanu

Dr. Ike Ahmed

Dr. Gustavo Huning

Dr. Leon Au

Dr. Bianca Laslau

Dr. Sergio Canabrava

Dr. Aswin Agarwal

Dr. Leon Au

Dr. Stefan Oprea

Dr. Alexandru Placinta

Dr. Rosa Dolz-Marco

Dr. Roberto Gallego Pinazo

Dr. Gordon Plant

Dr. Ioana Gobej

Dr. Alexis Acosta

Dr. Alina Gheorghe

Dr. Adrian Gavanescu

Dr. Ashraf Armia

Dr. Ivo Ferreira

Dr. Zeynep Aktas

Dr. Roxana Scripca

Dr. Dan Georgescu

Dr. Shin Yamane

Dr. Lukan Mishev

dr. Cosme Lavin Dapena


Moderator: Alexandra Miere, Catalina Dumitrescu, Sanziana Istrate

9.00-9.15 OCTA in macula emergencies- Alexandra Miere
9.15-9.25 Rosa Dolz-Marco
9.25-9.35 Atypical OCT aspects in infeccious macular pathology (toxoplasmosis and Lyme disease)- Ianita Tzancova
9.35-9.45 Roberto Gallego Pinazo
9.45-10.00 Neha Goel

Moderator: Ioana Gobej, Catalina Dumitrescu, Sanziana Istrate

10.00-10.10 Mihaela Bustuchina Vlaicu
10.10-10.20 Gordon Plant
10.20-10.27 Neuroretinitis - case presentation- Sinziana Istrate
10.27-10.34 Interesting neuro-ophthalmology case- Ioana Gobej
10.34-10.41 Interesting neurosurgery case-. Ionut Gobej
10.41-10.48 A neuro-ophthalmology case TBA
10.48-11.00 * the remaining time is reserved

Moderator: Lukan Mishev, Catalina Dumitrescu, Sanziana Istrate

Case presentations -each allocated 7 minutes
11.00-11.07 Ozana Moraru
11.07-11.14 Alina Gheorghe
11.14-11.21 Andreea Ciubotaru
11.21-11.28 Adrian Gavanescu
11.28-11.43 - Stefan Oprea
11.43-11.58 - complicated surgical cases- Andreea Ciubotaru
11.58-12.18- Interesting surgical cases- Emil Ungureanu
12.18-12.33 - When anterior segment meets the posterior pole- Keynote speaker Lukan Mishev
12:33 - 13:15 - Excellence in surgery and surgical mentoring by AOTOA academy- Ashraf Armia,* the remaining time is reserved

Moderator: Adrian Gavanescu, Catalina Dumitrescu, Sanziana Istrate

Keynote speaker: Ike Ahmed

14.00-14.30 What is new in surgical treatment of glaucoma. MIGS with implants- Ike Ahmed
14.30-14.40 MIGS without implants- Zeynep Aktas
14.40-14.50 The importance of tubes in modern glaucoma surgery- Leon Au
14.50-15.00 MIGS for low income countries- Adrian Gavanescu

Moderator: Bianca Laslau, Catalina Dumitrescu, Sanziana Istrate

15.00-15.07 Spinocellular carcinoma in immunosuppresed report- Sinziana Istrate
15.07-15.14 Metastatic behaviour of eyelid report- Roxana Scripca
15.14-15.29 Extensive full thickness eyelid reconstruction following tumor resection- Bianca Laslau, Catalina Dumitrescu
15.29-15.44 Thyroid eye disease- Dan Georgescu
* the remaining time is reserved

Moderator: Gustavo Huning, Catalina Dumitrescu, Sanziana Istrate

7 minutes presentations - Innovations in eye surgery by:
16.15-16.22 double flanged Canabrava suture- Sergio Canabrava
16.22-16.29 Flangeed IOL fixation- Shin Yamane
16.29-16.36 Aswin Agarwal
16.36-16.42 Lukan Mishev
16.42-16.49 Cataract surgery training -personal contributions- Emil Ungureanu
16.49-16.56 Punctate selective trabeculotomy with vitreotome- Adrian Gavanescu
16.56-17.03 Omni 720 in glaucoma surgery- Alexandru Placinta
17.03-17.10 Tran Canula in glaucoma surgery- Cosme Lavin Dapena
17.10-17.20 Innovations in eye surgery- Gustavo Huning
17.20-17.30 How to learn fast and rise your surgical outcomes. Innovations in mentoring for ophthalmo.surgeons- Ivo Ferreira
* the remaining time is reserved